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 LED Lighting

Lighting is one of the larger energy consumer components in the overall make up of a power bill, particularly in the commercial sector. Technology in this area has advanced in both quality and price where exchanging old technology for new is not only economical but energy saving, both in residential and commercial. Book a lighting audit today and see how you can save.

Like solar, LED Lighting has advanced significantly in the last decade. Most new homes are being installed with LED Lighting and if you want your place of business or residence to become extremely energy efficient, then LED is for you.

Have you considered LED Lighting?

LED Lighting is now a very affordable option for both your business and residence.

We utilise the latest trends and technology to ensure that your lighting needs are met with a solution that is happy for your energy bill as well your personal taste.

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The cost of getting solar installed has significantly become more viable in the last 5 year, between electricity costs and improving technology, you should get a quote today.

Solar Batteries

As technology continues to improve, the cost of batteries are now becoming more affordable in storing solar energy.

Protective Coating

Our patent pending protective coating, ensures your panels give you the optimal performance year after year.

Commercial Solar

We install solar in a variety of commercial buildings, from established to brand new developments. We work with you.