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Reducing your electricity costs is our number one priority.

After more than 15 years of seeing power prices continue to soar, we are determined more than ever to help our customers achieve the greatest savings possible. We have helped many households save money, while helping the planet through their solar installations.

Every household is different in their consumption of power, to correctly estimate your energy use requires an energy audit through your previous electricity bills. This allows us to see the household behaviour of power usage through each season. The great news is that we don’t just leave after the installation. We can examine your system 12 months later to do an audit on your consumption, and see how your electricity is being consumed through our comprehensive energy auditing analysis. Ask one of our friendly sales consultants how we can be provide this service for you.

Every solar system is installed with the highest of quality materials and installation to maximise your energy returns.

How does solar work on my house?

Solar harnesses the sun’s energy, at an average annual rate of 4.2kWh a day per KW installed. This energy is utilised by the household appliances throughout the day.

Do I need to own my own house?

Our experience suggest that most homeowners opt to have solar installed on their place of residence. If you have an existing mortgage, many choose to put the installation of solar into their mortgage. Or we can introduce you to Bendigo Bank for low interest green loans.

What sort of savings will I see on solar?

During the quote process, we will use current power bills to assess your energy consumption. This enables us to design a system that will adequately cover your current power usage and factor a small margin to allow for power price increases.

We expect the normally payback period of the solar system to be within three years.

How long does the installation process usually take?

From the moment the quote has been agreed to, we submit an application to Energex or the area power authority.

Once approved the actual installation takes usually one day. Then its up to your energy provider to connect your system to the grid.

Do you provide finance?

While we do not directly provide finance, we have partnered with Bendigo Bank who can offer several low interest finance options for our customers.

Your household deserves solar. By far, solar is the most energy efficient method of harnessing electricity and your roof can literally be an lifesaver in terms of lowering your power bills, and for the team at Solco, that is worth celebrating.

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The cost of getting solar installed has significantly become more viable in the last 5 year, between electricity costs and improving technology, you should get a quote today.

Solar Batteries

As technology continues to improve, the cost of batteries are now becoming more affordable in storing solar energy.

Protective Coating

Our patent pending protective coating, ensures your panels give you the optimal performance year after year.

Commercial Solar

We install solar in a variety of commercial buildings, from established to brand new developments. We work with you.