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Protective Coating

Solco uses a Teflon-like protective coating that seals the pores of the glass. When dirt, grime and other contaminants contact the glass they sit on the protective barrier and the majority is washed off in the next shower of rain. With the application of this protective nano-technology, your glass remains cleaner for longer. In terms of solar efficiency, we strongly suggest that every new installation get the protective coating application.

Our protective coating ensures your panels stay cleaner, for longer and give you optimal performance year after year.

It can also be applied to any glass surface such as pool glass, showers glass, window exteriors (especially in coastal environments where salt air can significantly impact glass). If you have any questions about Solco’s unique protective coating, please ask our team when placing a quote request. We will be happy to assist any inquiries you may have.

Does the protective coating wear off?

The significant improvement with the application of the protective coating used by Solco is the durability. Unlike other industry coating applications, we use a product that sees an improved lifespan of approximately 6 years on solar panel glass.

Is it expensive to get the protective coating?

We believe that getting protective coating applied to your panels is an affordable investment into the longevity and maximised returns of your solar. On average the application cost on new panels if applied before installation is approximately $25 per panel.

When is the best time to get the protective coating?

We would recommend that getting protective coating applied during the installation process, but in reality anytime is a good time. Prior to any treatment, your panels are professionally cleaned, dried then the protective coating is applied. 

This film then hardens and becomes resistant to the harsh Australian weather elements.

Can you do other surfaces at the same time?

Our protective coating can be applied to other surfaces, simply talk to our installation specialist when assessing your solar needs. We can coat any of your glass from showers, exterior windows, pool glass or any other glass application you choose.

Protective Glass Coating

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