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Servicing & Repairs

Your panels may have been damage in a storm, or perhaps age may have deteriorated your panels performance.

Solco Solar provide services of Solar Panel Maintenance,Solar System Maintenance.

In some cases the age and size of the system when first installed covered the household power needs. But now due to escalating power costs you have a substantial power bill even with the old higher feed in tariff.  If this is your situation it may be time to get a system resizing assessment done.

 It pays to get an annual inspection on your panels to ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar investment.

Our installers will ensure that your panels are performing to their maximum efficiency.

Call us today to find out when we can book a visit.

Protective Coating & Cleaning

We offer a protective coating system on your panels which minimises the need to clean panels. We suggest at least a half yearly clean of your panels. We can clean your solar panels from just $5 per panel. We will also ensure that your system is working well and efficiently.

Please contact our team to further capitalise, and maximise panel efficiency, by getting our protective coating which ensures that each panel remains cleaner for longer. Book a service call today.

Hail Damage

Solar Panels have to bare the brunt of tropical storms and after all, panels are made of glass and they are not immune to big hail stones. It always pays to give us a call just to ensure that your panels are not damaged as a result.

Cleaning & Washing

We offer a protective coating which minimises the need to clean panels. But we usually suggest at least an annual clean on your panels. We can service your panel from just $4 per panel. We will also ensure that all is working well.

Ask us about our LED lighting range that help you save.

LED lights now come in a great variety of options, you can now get up to 20,000 hours of usage.

Residential Solar

You can combat the rising costs of electricity by getting solar installed on your roof of residence.

Protective Coating

Our patent pending protective coating, ensures your panels give you the optimal performance year after year.

Commercial Solar

We install solar in a variety of commercial buildings, from established to brand new developments. We work with you.